Fostering is a Great Way to Help Poms without a
Financial or Long Term Commitment from You

Fostering is a great alternative for families that cannot afford the adoption fee or who are unsure of how long they can care for a new pet. It usually entails a family/person to care for the day-to-day needs of an animal.  This means your foster dog's food, bedding, leash, collar, ID tag and other reasonable needs approved by the rescue via receipts for reimbursement.

Our fosters are pre-screened to care for Pomeranians before a pom is placed with them. This includes the processing of a fostering application and a home inspection and under certain circumstances things can be expedited.

We have various types of Pomeranians that need loving care. These include dogs in Kill shelters needing fosters, special needs dogs, and hard to handle dogs. Dogs with special needs and hard to handle dogs will only be placed with experienced foster parents. Contact us to find out if we have a dog fit for you and/or your family's lifestyle to foster!

With that you can see that we are always in need of foster homes. The application form gathers information about you and your home environment. This information is not used in anyway against you during the fostering/adoption process nor is your private information sold. Period.  We simply use this information to assist in helping find a suitable foster for your home and living situation.

1) Foster parents get first dibs for adoption as well as the option of payment plan!
2) Foster parents are given all supplies needed to care for their foster dog.
3) Foster parents receive primary medical care and support and advice.

1) Provide a temporary, safe and loving home ranging anywhere from a few days to several months as we find the perfect home for the animal.
2) You are asked to attend adoption events.
3) Help break bad habits using positive re-enforcement as well as train those with minimal or no training at all to help place them in a loving home.
4) To be available within 48 hours notice to show a dog to a potential adopter. Meeting place can be elsewhere if you're not comfortable showing at your home.
5) Are open to home inspection in order to foster.
6) To transport to a designated vet for on-going medical treatment like vaccinations, dental or other medical needs if a transporter is not available.
7) Notify SCPR immediately in the event the dog is sick or lost.

>>>  SCPR APPLICATION - Save As to your computer and email us!

If this is something you can completely abide and agree with, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out our Foster Application at: an adoption event or send via email to SCPR at the address below. Once we receive your application we will contact you to arrange for a suitable foster for you to care for.  Thank you again for your generosity.


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