Friday, March 2, 2012

Bella Pomeranian - The 800 PetMEDS Dog

You will be missed Bella Pomeranian
Aug. 31, 2004 - Oct. 18, 2014

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Bella Pomeranian!

The 2011 1800PETMEDS Commercial is causing quite a stir lately!  You may have seen it on many different cable and TV channels and asked yourself, "That is the cutest dog ever!  What is breed is it?!!  Is that Boo the Pomeranian?!"  Well, we here at SCPR know and her name is Bella Pomeranian. With her permission, we'll give the answer to this very popular question right here!

Bella is pure Pomeranian, bred by Dreamweaver Pomeranian's in Hewitt TX. Her sire is Int CH Dreamweaver's Billy the Kid, who we would dearly love to determine his whereabouts.  Bella was born 8/31/2004. Her hair is kept short because she has lost her coat and she just looks EVEN cuter this way. Bella is also a Pombassador for us, the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue and raises money to help us help homeless Pommies around So. California. Her prize from the PetMeds contest was donated directly to us in which we are very grateful.

Now, you may have also asked yourself, "That is the cutest actress ever! Who is she?" That is Kourtney Hansen and her co-stars are Paige the Border Collie and Edward the cat.

If that isn't enough, this tiny dynamo 4lb girl loves to educate the public about the breed of Pomeranian. And, she especially has a heart to bring awareness about the world of dog rescue. She herself has fostered and found new homes for several Pom-poms and she personally shares her many adventures about her fosters and travels on her PetMeds blog, "Being Bella".

You may have also heard that Bella Pomeranian also helps us financially with her hand-made "Doggie Blankies by Bella" made right here in the USA. It's true!  A $20 donation will get your dog, cat and even human baby a wonderfully made and very soft polar fleece blanket shipped directly from Bella in Southern California. Her generosity is shining example of how one person can make a difference!

UPDATE: Bella had suddenly passed away from natural causes on October 18, 2014.  She was 10 years old and leaves behind her pawents, Tommy and Deedee, along with several siblings.

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Bella Coloring Pages: Click on image below to download

 Patriotic    Blankie    Stroller 

 Watercolor    Head Shot