Monday, May 15, 2017

This this is What Rescue Looks Like❤️

Something very special happened on Thursday, April 7, 2017. 

LeMer Bevan, a friend of SCPR,  came down to LA from San Diego for work. He and SCPR volunteer Sondra had been following the 12yr old girl to the left, Luna (now named Libby) who was at Inland Valley Humane Society, Pomona, CA. She had little to no chance of getting out of the shelter. Sondra being pregnant and tired, told herself no more rescuing dogs because as some of you know, it is very stressful, time consuming and exhausting. 

LeMer finished  with work for the day and planned to go to Pomona to get Luna. Being that he loves senior poms (which is how he and Sondra met), he had no problem when asked.  In the meantime a 911 alarm that the girl on the right, now named Faith, was at a San Diego shelter and had until 5:30pm end of day,  and can ANYONE get her before the end of the day to save her life? Faith is a 15yr old senior with no eyes. The shelter thinks she may have been abused because her eyes (or lack there of) have lac
erations, she has scars on her belly and her hair had been pulled. 

LeMer Bevan was contacted  again and asked what are the chances when you get back to San Diego you could also get Faith before 5:30 as we are her only chance before euthanasia. Being the senior pom loving guy he is, he said sure! LeMer gets faith and makes his way back to Orange County to pass off Faith to an SCPR volunteer and then drove back to San Diego all in the same day. 

It took four volunteers to get Faith out, to Orange County and then bathed all in the same day. She smelled badley and it took 3 baths to get her clean. LeMer later tells us that when he was picking up Faith from the shelter, he asked the young guy bringing her out if she wouldn't have made it past 5:30 if he hadn't come? He said no and thanks for taking her with tears in his eyes. 

We commend every single person who had a hand in getting these two out and to safety and of course as we know, the real hard work is still left to be done. 

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